Laser Treatments 

Energist Ultra VPL is the most advanced hair-removal and skin-rejuvenation equipment on the market.  


Energist Ultra VPL is developed by a team of experts in the UK.  This medical grade, advanced non-invasive technology has the ability to deliver a sequence of rapid pulses of light energy for effective results. Unlike other inferior devices, the Ultra VPL can be customised by the practioner.  This provides the ability to achieve the optimum results for each individual’s hair and skin type. The Ultra VPL is approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Act) Australia. 

A full consultation and patch test MUST be performed for hair and skin laser treatments.  A waiting period is required before continuing treatment.  


24 hours for hair removal and 48 hours for skin rejuvenation. This consultation and patch test are free and can be completed within 30 minutes.  


Due to the different quality in laser technologies, Natural Beauty Clinic requires a patch test to be completed even if you have had laser treatments elsewhere. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatments 

Non-invasive hair reduction treatment that is fast and effective in treating unwanted hair.  Due to everyone being unique, prices will be confirmed on consultation. Your therapist will advise if per minute or extended hair-removal treatments may be the most economical for you and provide you with the options available. 

Photo/Skin Rejuvenation Treatments 

VPL Photorejuvenation Treatment                                       $89


Photorejuvenation is excellent for treating a variety of concerns, such as; 



        - by stimulating collagen and elastin within the skin 

        - reducing fine lines and wrinkles 

        - uneven skin tone e.g. age spots, pigmentation and freckles 


        - by reducing vascular lesions 

        - by reducing capillaries

        - is anti-inflammatory 


       - anti-bacterial 

       - reduces sebum (oil) production 

       - reducing pore size

Read more about Laser Hair Removal and Photorejuvenation Treatments in our FAQ section.  

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