Benefits of Body Moisturiser

Why should you use a Body Moisturiser and what are the benefits?

In the winter your skin tends to dry out and often becomes itchy and irritated. What you want to do is quickly get out of the shower and put your clothes on, but wait it’s the last thing you should do. You should apply a good quality body moisturiser. Then there is summer where your skin is exposed to the elements like hot winds and damaging ultra violet rays from the sun.

It is therefore important to moisturise your body all over, all year round.

When choosing a moisturiser you want one that is going to penetrate well into the skin so as not to leave you feeling sticky. Therefore ingredients such a sorbolene and petroleum should be avoided. Artificial fragrances and colourings can cause skin irritation and actually have the reverse effect by drying the skin out so they should be avoided.

You should be looking for a product that is naturally fragranced with plant extracts and or essential oils. For those skin irritations such as dermatitis, dry itchy skin and sunburn look for ingredients like Seabuckthorn, Shea and Mango Butters. These ingredients are not only very nourishing but will help soothe, protect and heal the skin.

So before you reach for those clothes take a couple of minutes and apply a nourishing, soothing and healing body lotion such as David Deans Body Butter or Soothing Cream.

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