Ultra Energist Variation Pulsed Light System

Why choose your treatments to be performed with an Ultra Energist Variation Pulsed Light System?

Energist has been a leader in pulsed light technology since 1999. Exclusive Variation Pulse Light technology is widely regarded as one of the best, most reliable pulsed light systems for permanent hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, treatment of acne and pigmentation - delivering optimal results.

*Image courtesy http://www.energistgroup.com/ Energist Medical Group

Due to a large range of settings which can be adjusted to suit individual skin and hair types. For this reason even darker skins can be treated. Which can’t always be treated with other systems. This may require more treatments due to the darker pigment in the skin. The pulsed light is attracted to the pigment which is the colouring in the hair and skin. The pigment allows the absorption of heat, damaging the follicle and it’s ability to regenerate. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks the hair falls out naturally.

All hair goes through different growth stages therefore several treatments will usually be needed. Approximately 20% to 30% of hair in one treatment session will be successfully killed off. Sometimes due to hormonal hair growth, treatments maybe ongoing. Although even hormonal hair growth should become finer, less and take longer to grow back.

A yellow light is used for Photo-rejuvenation, it stimulates cells called fibroblasts that are deep in the skin to produce collagen. New collagen produced moves towards the surface of the skin. Collagen production is increased leaving skin smoother, wrinkles and pore size are reduced. This is a safe, simple and non invasive system.

Acne can also be treated. The body naturally produces a chemical called porphyrin which helps fight acne causing bacteria. Specific wavelengths of light stimulate the body’s production of porphyrin, helping kill acne causing bacteria. Dramatically reducing breakouts. Energist pulsed light also helps to reduce inflammation associated with acne. Acne is cleared up with a lower risk of scarring as it will also help reduce scarring.

Treatment with Energist technologies can break up pigmentation by using pulsed light. Heat causes the pigmentation to flake away or be removed by the body’s natural waste process. Leaving the skin looking clearer, more even and brighter.

Due to the many options for treatment settings, Ultra Energist is a safe, fast and reliable method to treat many conditions.

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