What benefits should you expect from Facial Treatments?

You may ask yourself - why should I spend time and money on having professional facial treatments? Here are a few of the benefits and results you can expect from having regular facial treatments.

Not only can facials be entirely relaxing and therefore good for your well being, facials usually involve a deeper more intensive exfoliation then what you will achieve at home. The deeper exfoliation can prompt a speedier skin renewal process by creating new cells and pushing old ones away. This will help to brighten your skin, stimulate collagen production, lighten pigmentation and scarring. Ingredients in the products used after exfoliation will penetrate the skin more effectively, most definitely leaving your skin more hydrated.

Facials provide thoroughly cleansed skin and toxins are decreased. Some facials such as Deep Cleansing Facial, where the skin is prepared for the removal of Blackheads and Milia through extractions being performed aren’t as relaxing as a standard facial, but definitely delivers more thorough results.

Hydration is very important for the skin as it helps reduce and prevent fine lines. Like when a leaf dries out it goes wrinkly, our skin will do the same. Hydration helps to plump the skin reducing fine lines.

Certain facial treatments such as Microdermabrasion and Glycolic Peels can help to reduce pore size, even out skin colour, brighten and reduce pigmentation.

Blood circulation is increased improving your complexion.

Facial treatments will be customised to you and your concerns with professional advice and home care recommendations.

A combination of home care and regular facials equal great results. You should see an improvement in the appearance of your skin instantly, while your skin often looks its best 2 to 3 days after your treatment.

If you are unsure of what type of facial treatment to book, your skincare therapist will advise you on what will best suit your needs and discuss the best treatment.

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