Oily Skin?

Oily skin is the production of excess oil called sebum produced by the skin. This can be the result of genetics, lifestyle, diet or puberty.

Sebum is actually a fantastic thing for skin health; it aids in the skins natural protection, hydration and the best of all the oilier the skin the younger you look. It’s actually a positive thing to have oily skin, however it can also be extremely annoying and intensify skin conditions like acne, clogged pores and simple things like a shiny forehead.

So how do we meet a balance between too much oil and the right amount of oil?

This can be achieved by well-designed skincare with high quality ingredients to target excess sebum production. Let’s go through an oily skin routine with ingredients to look for.


  • DO’s: Chose a cleanser which contains oils, Don’t freak out. Oil is not the enemy but is actually your ally. Cleansers that contain oils and soft cleansing ingredients work to remove excess sebum without stripping the skin completely of its natural sebum.

  • Don’ts: Avoid, Avoid, Avoid harsh cleanser which will leave your face feeling tight and dry. These types of cleansers remove all the natural sebum leaving the skin dry and defenseless. This can actually lead to your skin overcompensating and produce even more oil. Avoid ingredients like alcohols, strong cleaning products and soaps.

Tip: Look for cleanser containing oils like Jojoba oil and macadamia oil because they are light weight and have a similar structure to sebum. These ingredients can be seen in the David Deans Refreshing Cleansing Lotion which is design for oily skin.


  • Do’s: Chose exfoliates which contain both physical particles and/or acids like AHA’s and BHA’s. These ingredients work to remove the excess sebum without over irritating the skin and stripping the skin of its natural sebum. These exfoliators also unclog pores and allow greater penetration of nutrients to come.

  • Don’ts: Exfoliators containing plastic microbeads are extremely bad for the environment, chose more natural particles like bamboo or walnut. Don’t over exfoliate your skin to remove the sebum, it can be damaging to skin and may cause the skin to release more sebum.

Tip: Look for products containing AHA’S, BHA’S, Clays, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil and natural granules like bamboo and walnut. These ingredients can be found in the Bamboo Pearl Exfoliator, Walnut Pearl Exfoliator and the Brightening Mask from David Deans Skincare.


  • Do’s: Chose moisturisers designed for oily skin which contain oils and hydration factors at concentrations designed to achieve a balance between sebum control and essential moisturisation.

  • Don’ts: Neglect your skin with no moisturiser. Even know your skin is oil it still requires hydration and nutrients for healthy skin, if absent skin concerns of dryness (yes, you can be dry if you are oily), sensitivity and premature aging will appear.

Tip: Avoid moisturisers which contain ingredients with lots of waxes and ingredients like soya lenicin as they provide a physical barrier on the skin, and essentially clogging the pores. Ingredients like this are used and are helpful in dry and dehydrated skin concerns not oily.

Shop Products for Oily Skin here: daviddeans.com.au/product-category/skin-types/normal-oily/

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