Want to know more about anti-ageing?

Anti-ageing is probably the most easy skin type to explain, as we age so does our skin. Unfortunately, we will never stop the skin from ageing but that doesn’t mean we cannot push the appearance of aged skin further into the future.

The ageing process is influence by many factors including genetics, lifestyle, and diet. Other than genetics, lifestyle and diet can be altered to influence a more radiant skin or it can accelerate the appearance of aged skin. Skincare is a great example of how lifestyle can influences the appearance of the skin in a positive way as a deterrent in the appearance of premature aging.

Anti-ageing skincare is complex and it’s made to be that way by large cosmetic companies, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A well design anti-ageing skincare routine targets the factors which contribute to the acceleration of premature aging. These factors include:

  • Lack of hydration: Water is everything in our skin. Its need from all biological reactions in our skin to hydrating collagen and elastin fibres.

  • Lack of exfoliation: Exfoliation from either physical or chemical sources kick start the natural process of desquamation (cell turnover) which as we age slows down.

  • Lack of collagen stimulation: Collagen is a major target for any anti-ageing routine as collagen provides the structure of the skin. Just like desquamation collagen synthesis natural slows down as we age. Anti-ageing skin care targets the activation of new collagen through peptides and

  • Lack of protective and stimulating ingredients: These are ingredients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, peptides, acids, antioxidants and hydration factors. These ingredients are a hallmark of any skincare routine.

  • Sun Exposure: Protecting your skin from the sun is a major factor in preventing premature aging.

A skincare routine that encompasses these factors will go a long way to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pushing them further into the future.

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