The Importance of a home care routine

A home care routine is set by a skin care specialist, generally after a facial treatment. In most cases, we go into a Salon or Day Spa with expectations of walking out with our skin concerns corrected and pigmentation or scarring gone. We all know that doesn’t happen. It takes hard work and a few treatments to achieve significant results, however you can help speed up the results by following your suggested home care routine.

When your skin care specialist has finished your facial treatment your skin will be improved for sure, and in some cases dramatically. And you should be given a skincare prescription of the products that the specialist recommends you purchase for your use at home. The purpose of the skin prescription is to help you get the results you are looking for, not just to “sell you products”.

Your facial treatment is going to be about 40% of the work to correct your issues and your at home routine will do the other 60%.

The most basic routine can produce results, if you are using quality skin care. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise – add in an eye cream if anti-ageing is one of your concerns. You need to cleanse at least twice a day (morning and night ideally) same with your moisturiser and eye creams. Exfoliation once to twice a week – which of course will depend on your concern, skin type and if it’s a manual exfoliator (scrub) or a chemical exfoliator (glycolic or lactic acids).

Depending on your personal routine i.e. if you’re a morning shower or a night time shower gal, putting your Cleanser and Exfoliator in the shower can really help keep on top of your routine and pop your moisturiser and eye cream next to your tooth brush.

Once you get more confident in your routine and you are seeing more results, your skin specialist can recommend masks and serums to really up your game. Applying a mask once a week while you have a hair treatment on works wonders. Adding your serum before your moisturiser will definitely give you further results.

Regular treatments at a Salon or Spa really do provide results. The Professional strength products they use can make a real impact on specific concerns, and they help your skin feel better for longer.

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