Men Need Skincare Too!!

Typically, (shocking generalisation here) most men are exposed to the elements more than women, but it’s usually us who make the extra time and have a go-to skin care routine. Now, there are plenty of men who take the time and implement a skin care routine as they are concerned enough, or someone nags them enough (like my poor husband) to get their act together.

So, here’s how my nagging worked:


Me: You are going to wash your face anyway, so just use the Magnetica Cleanser that is already in the shower instead of soap. Takes an extra 0.5 seconds to get the pump out. It will help your skin be less oily throughout the day and will make it easier when you shave.

Him: (A week later) The big holes around my nose (pores) are less noticeable. My skin feels cleaner but, nicer, you know.


Me: Put the moisturiser on after you shave instead of aftershave, or before your aftershave. Just add this one little extra 5 second step and tell me how it works out. It will help with the oil even more.

Him: That feel’s so much better. I didn’t use the aftershave cause this smelt pretty good and my face feels better. It doesn’t look like I used a cream, but it feels, nicer, you know.


Me: give your face a scrub with the Bamboo Pearl Exfoliate while you’re in there if you are going to shave later today. It will take like 30 seconds.

Him: There’s only the gold one in there, that’s yours but I still used it - so I need the silver Magnetica one. Can you get me that one for next time? Yep, my husband proactively asked me to buy him an additional product. Shocked!

Me: How did your shaving go?

Him: It felt a so much easier. It didn’t feel like the razor dragged as much over my skin and it looks fresher.

Me: That’s because your skin is exfoliated, smoother and better prepped for the razor.

Him: (A few weeks later) I haven’t had any ingrown hairs lately, that’s pretty cool. Maybe you guys could make a shaving cream too?


Me: So, I got you the Magnetica Toner. It will make those little holes around your nose even smaller and your skin will feel even better and will help with those smile lines you’ve got happening.

Him: Your pushing your luck there hon. You’ve already added an extra minute to my “routine”.

To date, we haven’t managed the Toner yet. But I know he will get there because he knows how much better his skin feels and looks since making the switch to the Magnetica products.

Father's Day Men's Magnetica Special is currently available online or in store.

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